Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Mellis

Photo: Keira-Anne on Flickr

Today is Keira-Anne's birthday. If you read her blog, you know that she's quite a girl. She's as cool and smart as she is beautiful. She could give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the kitchen any day and can whip up the most amazing batch of chocolate chip cookies you've ever tasted in your life in the snap of her perfectly manicured fingers. Animal lover, fashionista, Frye boot wearing blogger and absolute sweetheart, Keira-Anne also happens to be one of my all time favourite people to go on adventures with...especially in the rain. She has a huge heart, which she keeps her friends and family very close to at all times. I certainly feel blessed to call her a friend of mine.

So today, I want to wish Keira the happiest of birthdays. We must celebrate over cocktails when I get back to town.

You can go ahead and give the birthday girl some love today right here.

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Keira-Anne said...

Thanks so much, Jenny. This was the perfect thing to read first thing this morning. Much love to you. We'll celebrate next week for sure with sunshine hugs and fruity cocktails.