Sunday, November 23, 2008

Solo Sunday

It's Sunday evening. I Maybe it's just that I can't stop thinking about all this stress that everybody else seems to want to laugh off. So much is changing and the butterflies in my stomach won't stop fluttering around. I don't have any makeup on and I haven't washed my hair today. I was in the bath tub with New Moon for almost two hours this afternoon. I didn't leave my apartment until 5:30pm and even then, it was just for a quick walk down the street to the store so that I could buy some new vanilla scented candles and Reese's Pieces. I needed to try and cheer myself up with those little pleasures that are always relished. What I really need is a hug.


Melissa said...

Sending a long-distance hug your way, Beautiful Girl! xo

tracy.lee said...

Aw. That's one thing I don't like about living alone, the serious lack of hugs. Cheer up buttercup! =) Put on some R.Pattinson and keep reading New Moon. It's a fabulous escape.

BruiseViolet said...

Well that completely describes my day- "off". I think that a few people are feeling that anxious, lonely feeling today- seems to be a common theme across the blogosphere today:(

My day was quite similar to yours, actually. I had a long bath and didn't bother to wash my hair- (which I now regret), then I reluctantly left my apartment only to go pick up a box of KD and grapefruit juice.

I even pondered my life, which brought me to tears while on the phone today with a friend. Total sense of emptiness and loneliness that I cannot shake today, completely "meh".

Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope it brings something better that puts a genuine smile on your face Jen.
Big big *HUG* from me to you. They seems to bring a wonderful comfort, when nothing else can:)

So, with that, I am going to hide under my covers- because I think I am just completely over today. Good night;)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Thanks for the love. <3

Keira-Anne said...

I'd be more than happy to give you hugs and share my Reese's Pieces. Hope you're feeling more "on" today. Much love.

TM said...


tina said...

Hey Jen,
I know you dont know me but I'm sending you a big hug from t.o anyway!
These days seem to come around for me way too often for my liking.
Take heart that it will all subside eventually. The only place to go from here is up lovely. Hope this week turns out to be a great one.

Roshan said...

Hug hug hug hug xo xo xo xo hug hug hug hug hug hug xo xo xo xo hug hug hug hug hug hug xo xo xo xo hug hug hug into infinity!