Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I Wish I Had A River I Could Skate Away On..."

Aching... that aching she must have felt.
That aching she makes us feel-
for everyone in our lives.
For everyone we love, wholly and truly.

How I've seen, and how it's been proven,
again and again, over the last few weeks...
that it's the little things that are important...
the only things that are important.
It isn't how you speak on the phone,
or how we write, or scream and yell
and try to understand...
but it's the way we smile at our friends,
and the way we say goodbye to them
at the end of the night...
how we stop and say hello when we catch each other's eyes...
how you say you think of me,
when that song comes on...
and I melt, from across the world...
from across the room...
It is the little things that make me love people.

I want to act from my soul.
To tell people, without reservation,
without butterflies... how I feel,
and how I really see all this.

When we look at each other from across the world...
from across the room....

I want eye contact and honesty.
I want rooms that don't spin when I close my eyes.
Rooms that tell me to stay in... you will be here soon.
I want rooms, only rooms, that you are in when I fall asleep.
I want comfort and reality, and the future I have in my mind.
I don't want to feel like sighing anymore.
There was only one person who listened when I sighed.
He always kissed the corner of my lip, or my eyelid,
when I sighed the way I do.
I still want that, sometimes... and sometimes I know why I left it.

It's about loving what is new, and what will be okay.
It's about working on becoming new friends again,
because I miss the way we spoke before.
And it's not about trust, or honesty...
well, it is...
but it comes down to loving the other person
for what and who they are, naturally.

It's about real life,
and the little things.

from across the world...
from across the room...

from your eyes to mine.


suz said...

pretty words lady

BruiseViolet said...

That was beautiful, and so very very true...
The little things are the most important...All the little things are what combine to make our whole being. Life and lost love and re-found friendship.

Nice poem.