Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sing A Song For Them

Sunday night in Seattle. Jenny Lewis, live in concert at Showbox at The Market. It was the primary reason that Keira and I made the trip down south, so you can imagine our disappointment when we arrived to buy our tickets, only to find out that the show was basically sold out. The bartender at The Green Room, the bar attached to the venue, told us to come back when they opened. He said that if we hung out there until the venue doors opened, it would be our best shot at scoring some last minute tickets. We did as he said, and nervously sipped a couple of delicious pre-show vodka sodas with our fingers crossed while we waited. It wasn't until the very last minute that one of the doormen came back and presented us with two tickets. We were in!

After purchasing our matching "Godspeed" t-shirts, Keira and I hauled ass straight to the stage to secure a prime location. Jenny began her set with "Happy" and after the first verse, it was immediately clear that while a capable five-piece band accompanied her, Lewis' voice was the most powerful instrument on stage and the star of the show. It was also very evident during "Acid Tongue" when band members stepped away from their instruments and backed Lewis with harmonies while she sang with the spotlight all to herself. The live version of "The Next Messiah" was another highlight of the show. You can check out a little video that I took of it here.

I may have known her as my favourite character in Troop Beverly Hills much longer, but Jenny Lewis has proven herself to be a captivating songwriter and performer. The tiny-framed, big-voiced, adorable Jenny Lewis has certainly blossomed into something of an indie goddess. Her set was a raucous, witty and tender celebration of her music and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Make sure that you check out Keira's entry about the show here as well.


db said...

That's so lucky that you got in! Great pics! Sounds like a really good show!

...the who cares girl... said...

holy crap! she was a child actress? I didn't know that. I just heard her for the first time on KEXP, and liked it.

Bambi LaFru said...

i just found out earlier this year that she was in one of my favorite movies... Foxfire. (w/ Angelina Jolie) She's adorable...I love her. =)