Sunday, October 5, 2008

Electric Youth

Photo: Music4Mix on Flickr

My first concert was Debbie Gibson, at the Pacific Coliseum. I think I was about six. I had a hat exactly like her trademark one, and I thought I was super cool as soon as I put it on my little blonde head. I was pretty sure I looked exactly like her. I wore that hat to her show with my stellar jean jacket (which, of course, had buttons all over the front of it.) When I had the opportunity to meet Debbie briefly after the show, she signed my program and told me that she loved my hat. I was over the moon.

These hats are starting to pop up all over the place again- some with a bit more Charlie Chaplin flavour than others. I know it's supposed to be a faux pas to rock something that you are old enough to have worn the last time it was popular, but ooooh the nostalgia. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. I still think they're really cute.

Photos: TMZ


Keira-Anne said...

While I am quite confident you could once again rock that hat (or any hat, for that matter), I think I would feel too much like Joey Jeremiah in a cap like that.

Angekins said...

Jen those brunette locks look hot!

zona said...

hmmm, I wear boots with cutoffs too!