Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yesterday Is Here

“If you're comfortable with yourself, then it's sexy. Maybe people think I look sexy because I feel sexy. I am a very liberated person that way. I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, my body, my face - well, sometimes I'm not comfortable with my face, but it's stuck there and there's nothing I can do about it.” -Scarlett Johansson

Yesterday I told you all about how much I love her latest film. Today, it seemed only fitting that I do a little tribute to Scarlett Johansson, because I think that she's divine. I have adored so many of the films on her resume, including Ghost World, Lost In Translation, Match Point, Scoop, even In Good Company and The Nanny Diaries. She made a bold move last May when she released a record consisting of one original song and ten cover versions of Tom Waits songs. This caused some anger for certain serious Tom Waits fans. I still love her though.

Scarlett Johansson's classic beauty, timeless approach to fashion and powerful yet graceful presence make her the epitome of real Hollywood glamour.

An elegant and blatantly sexy woman, Scarlett may be young, but her acting skills put her amongst many of the most seasoned actresses in the business. I think that her unique and at times quirky sense of style really reflects that maturity level.

Maturity in fashion is achieved through an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. This babe understands this, as she dresses for herself and doesn't simply follow the trends. She wears what she likes and what suits her much-envied curvy figure. She is blessed with the voluptuousness that marked great screen sirens of the past. Scarlett doesn’t hide it, rather she revels in playing with nostalgia. She really likes to experiment with fashion. If you ask me, this makes her all the more endearing and interesting to watch. She's a virtual chameleon.

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SAS said...

Her style has never really stood out to me, but damn, she is so insanely gorgeous.

Keira-Anne said...

I wish I had tits like hers.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

She's definitely got a good set, no doubt about that.

PatZ said...

that one in the tree is trippy.

Scott said...

Yeah, I'm a pretty big Scarlett Johansson fan as well. Of course then again it's probably comparatively easier to feel confident in your looks when your drop-dead gorgeous.