Monday, September 15, 2008

She's Ready To ROCK

If there was ever a girl who could fill Corrie Miller's shoes as the co-host and traffic reporter on Rock 101's Bro Jake Show, obviously it's the fabulous Shawna Olsten.

My friend Shawna is one of 32 finalists selected to compete for the opportunity to be Rock 101's first ever ROCK GIRL [details].

No stranger to the spotlight, Shawna basically rocks at everything she does. Whether she's working or playing, ruling at Rock Band, running a quick 10km, or kicking ass at morning bootcamp, one thing is for sure: Shawna knows how to bring it. She even kills it when it comes to human powered flying competitions, seriously. Not just another pretty face, this blonde bombshell also happens to be a CHAMP.

Over the next six weeks, Shawna will be jumping through all kinds of hoops and hoping to score enough points to soar above her competition.

Now, we all know she's awesome, but she's going to need your love and support to WIN this thing and rule the airwaves.

Click HERE to cast your vote for Shawna (once every 24 hours). Your votes can help launch her further into fabulousness as Rock 101's ROCK GIRL. Please, show this babe some love now.

UPDATE: Shawna made the Sweet 16! Check out her audition video below and please KEEP VOTING!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a sweet contest. I hope your friend goes all the way! I voted!!

Melissa said...

'K, I voted. I figure since I will be moving back there, I need to have my say in what goes on... Although, I didn't really have MY say, it was more YOUR say, but whatevs.