Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Coming Down Again

Back to some kind of autumn feeling; the rain, and bundling up. I was delighted to discover that the heat in my apartment had come on this evening.

I've been a bit of a maniac lately. Alternating between obsessively cleaning and making a mess of my living quarters. Papers are everywhere, highlighters, catalogues, books, post-its, photos, piles of pieces of my life. I'm deciding what should be erased, and what I should cling to.

The attempt to try and convince is tiring on my bones.

I had a reality check this weekend. It made me see what I need to be like, and what I'm not like anymore. It made me wonder what I want, and why it is that I don't know exactly what I want.

There's a light, dizzy feeling- it's in my throat and the bottom of my feet. I keep ignoring it.


A quiet night in...
and listening....

I like this night.

I love the fall. I'm wearing my favourite wool sweater and drinking a mug of hot chocolate.


PatZ said...

if your head gets dizzy don't forget to relax.

zona said...

you look fantastic in that hat

tracy.lee said...

I've started having a cup of hot chocolate in the morning to help warm me up, I love fall as well. Favourite time of the year by far. =)

Tawcan said...

I kinda wish we can skip fall and go directly to winter so I can start skiing. :)

Roshan said...

We don't get a fall season in India. Somehow, from what I have seen on tv and from what people describe, I think I would enjoy fall more than any other season, if I ever got to experience it first hand.

Scott said...

Once you figure out everything you want, feel free to pop in and help me out :P