Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fall Lineup

Growing up, one of my favourite times of year was always the end of August. It was at that time that I could begin to anticipate trading in my sundresses and swimsuits for new, warmer styles and start planning my Fall wardrobe. The beginning of a new school year always represented a fresh start. More than January 1st, September was, for me, a time for resolutions and a complete style makeover. I looked forward to trips down south with my Mom, so that I could load up on back to school pieces that nobody else in my class would have. I devoured Fall magazines and scoured malls near and far, in search of particular items that I had been lusting after for months.
Although I no longer have a need to purchase shiny, new binders and pens along with a multitude of other supplies for September, I still have a great love for Fall fashion. Here's a little preview of some of the things on my "must have" list for the coming season.

1. Cardigan sweaters: I'm on the hunt for some over sized, chunky knits to add to my collection of cardigans. Cardies are always perfect to throw over whatever you have on, especially as we make the transition from summer.

Photo: Shop, Eat, Surf

2. Vests: Layered over a tank or t-shirt, vests are a look that I just love and can't get enough of. If it fits well, a good vest will make you look put together even on your worst days.

Photo: Popsugar

3. Scarves: A scarf can change an outfit or give it some punch, just like that. I definitely plan on adding to my current scarf collection for Fall.

Photo: Kris Krug on Flickr

4. Flat Brown Boots: It's true, I do own lots and lots of boots, but I really don't think there's such a thing as too many. I have been enamoured by this and a couple of other pairs of Frye's for far too long. The time may have come for me to splurge. The ones Katherine Heigl has on here look pretty close to perfection to me. I also need a new pair of UGGs. It's time to retire the two-tones.

Photo: People

5. Vintage Wash Denim: I'm not yet set on a particular cut, maybe straight- but I definitely want a pair of lighter wash jeans. I need a new pair of trouser style jeans too, something with a wider leg since I'm getting bored with all of my skinnies lately.

Photo: Popsugar

6. Checked shirt: I didn't think that I could picture myself in one of these babies, until Keira pointed a cute one out to me while we were in Aritzia the other day. Now, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea. I really like the one LC has on below (right).

Photo: People


Barbara Doduk said...

I love the fall too for many reasons but the clothing for sure. I have to say though, I hate those flat brown boots. ICK.

Keira-Anne said...

Trouser jeans? Check.

Vest? Check.

New UGGs? So soon!

Oversized sweater and lumberjack top? Hitting Aritzia this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just added this post to my Delicious - I love it! Fall has always represented a fresh start for me as well, and shopping for back to school always made me feel like I was reinventing myself. It was the most exciting season from as soon as I could dress myself - and actually, before that, because I can vividly remember choosing all the trendiest binders & crayons even before then. Even now, it is the time to snap back into fashion. Although summer is my favorite season, the 'fashion' of suits and sundresses doesn't hold a candle to the edgy looks offered by colder seasons.

All of these things are on my wishlist as well. I am planning to wear a vest *today* actually, and I love that look on Blake Lively!

- J @

Krista said...

I need more checkered shirts, I only have... one? I love fall simply for the variety. Summer is wonderful for the freedom of wearing so little with just cause but fall is almost a challenge.

Melissa said...

Thank-you for reminding me that I NEED to get a new cardigan for the fall (us librarians can never have too many...)

Kat said...

Would you believe I had almost the exact same boots back in the 70's! The were all the rage with 'midi' skirts.

tracy.lee said...

Scarves, oh how I love scarves!! I actually just picked up a vest today! And then I came here to read your blog and bam.. you talked about vests! They are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Cut off Jean Jacket - Check
Huge beard - Working on it
Hunting knife with leather holder - working on it
side pipe because my pants are so bet.

Fall....look out