Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lollipops and Rubber Ducks

It's Resort season and that means new collections from many of our favourite designers. Stella McCartney invited editors and fans out for a garden party at the West Village's Jefferson Market Garden in New York recently to show her Spring 2009 Resort Collection. The designer's signatures- beautifully tailored blazers, easy T-shirt dresses, girlish organza blouses, and popcorn knits- were all present and accounted for on the models lounging on gingham picnic blankets, strewn with lollipops. The casual, laid back approach to the show was quite refreshing. In fact, I think that having it presented in such a manner actually makes the clothes feel more wearable.

Amongst the salmon-colored sheaths and boyfriend blazers, models carried bags full of rubber ducks, The Dirty Dozen brass band provided music, a prop car from Brooklyn was made over (courtesy of graffiti artist Santo) and there were food and refreshments in the form of classic English Pimm's Cups, hotdogs and ice cream, setting the mood for the carefree collection. This was so much more than just another fashion show; it was an extravagantly fun day in the park.

Delicate day dresses were embellished with cherry brooches and bracelets, and anchor motif tops teamed with electric blue printed heels. For evening, there were loose sparkly silver dresses. She cut the pretty and wearable with some of this fun stuff, hence the bright bags and shoes, another brooch spelling "Mother," and a swirling sailboat print that was like a postcard picked up on the boardwalk.

Luxurious, timeless, and fluid is what Stella McCartney is known best for and she delivered that and then some here. She's so creative without being too out there. A mixture of simple hues and fun prints made me fall in love with this collection. Bonus points for the garden party theme, this unconventional show set forth what will be hot for 2009. My favourite piece? The sailboat dress on Chanel Iman. Hands down.

Photos courtesy of Style.com


Ciavarro said...

All these chicks are disgustingly skinny.

They are like the antithesis to the male body builder. For some reason they think they are reaching physical perfection, when in fact, they are perverting nature.

The end.

Barbara Doduk said...

Are any of this girls over 15? I'm 35 and have curves. None of those outfits would suit me as I have meat on my bones. I always get so annoyed at clothing shopping because it all is cut to hang off some bean pole, not a real woman with a body. That last girl looks like she needs a sandwich. :)

Melissa and Chris said...

Love the Sailboat dress, but also loving the one you posted just below it...wish I had more $$

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I definitely agree on the skinniness factor...as you all know, I'm no stick figure either, but I do love clothes.

I'm certainly liking the outfits much more than the bony knees here, people.

Marsadie said...

Looove resort season. Most of the outfits you posted I would totally rock!

The Vancouverista said...
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