Friday, May 23, 2008

Walnut Grovers Reunite

Photo: Beyond Robson

Last night, I skipped down to Jules in Gastown after work to finally meet up with the delightful Melissa, who is in town for a conference. We weren't able to connect the last couple times that I was in Saskatoon, due to my crazy showing schedule (and that little food poisoning incident) so we were super excited to finally have a chance to get together. Jules is quite a darling little French bistro. We felt as if we'd just walked off the street in Paris, even more so as the wine continued to flow. I just loved the casual, unique atmosphere. It was a perfect place to have a relaxed meal and catch up with a friend. The two of us sat in the window for over four hours, eating divine food, consuming copious amounts of delicious wine, and talking our little hearts out. The fantastic conversation was easily the best part of the night.

Photo: Source

Melissa is an absolute doll; we have more in common that you can imagine and there is no end to the things we have to talk about. There is true beauty in finding souls that you connect with. I can't wait to get together again with this lovely lady very soon!

**Note: I absolutely hate how I look in this photo, but it's the only one I have from the evening and Melissa looks as beautiful as ever, so I have chosen to put my vanity aside and post it anyway. That's my very awkward "trying not to fully show my teeth cause they may be stained with red wine" smile for our waitress, who is taking the photo at the end of the night.**


Phaedra said...

sounds like you had a grand time, and both you ladies look lovely :)

Raul said...

You both look hot AND I love Jules Bistro!

Keira-Anne said...

I went to Jules once about a year ago. All-around, I'd give it a pretty good grade. My favourite French spot, however, is most definitely Hermitage on Robson.