Friday, March 28, 2008

You got your troubles, I got mine, on a clear day I can read your mind


Shando e-mailed this photo to me at work yesterday and I love it. Rilo Kiley has some damn good style. Jenny Lewis may just be the cutest little thing ever. It's true, our desks are merely across the office from one another, but Shando and I tend to e-mail, buzz and visit one another several times throughout the workday when we're both in the building. Working with one of your best friends is pretty fantastic. When I'm feeling low, totally grumpy, completely unproductive or when ADD kicks into high gear, I can always count on Shando to make me smile, give me a jump start in the motivation department or just distract me for a little while from the mundane tasks that await.

I've been feeling emotional today-not only am I under the weather with a head cold that will just not beat it, I got some news last night about a close relative who is not well. It's shaken me up, to say the least. This evening I downloaded a ton of Rilo Kiley, noshed on take out sushi for one, drank several pots of tea and I am now contemplating joining Shando and company for an art show in a few hours. I should go. I really should.

As I gear up for my next selling season, I know that the month of April is going to be absolutely insane. At least this time around, I know what to expect (for the most part). Oddly, I have a sense of peace and clarity surrounding me. It's a feeling I'm not sure I've ever felt in my life. I'm excited about the changes I've made toward living the life I've always dreamed of living. What I know now is how important it is to be the most "you" that you can be. I discovered that it's essential to let people leave their mark on you, even if it scars. As I go through life, I find myself more and more attracted to people who believe that anything is possible, because it is...I like the upside down, open minded, sideways looking people...the ones who draw clouds on windows. I have collected a lovely group of these types of people in my life. These are the people who inspire me. Some things will never make sense. I spent far too long looking for perfection, only to realize that all I really need is just a little bit of balance.


Anonymous said...

I hope you went to the art show. Even though I'm jealous of your busy life! I do like my homebody existence though.

That's really good/cool that you're getting more optimistic as you get older. Myself as well.

I love Rilo Kiley but I think Jenny sometimes dresses too thrifty looking. [This photo is an exception to her normal style IMO.] I'm sure her clothes are in fact expensive, but I kind of hate that Feist-style of purposely unstyled hair and decidedly grandma style dresses. There is a cuteness about it (and I love her face/voice), but I wish there were some big hoops or something to bring us to the modern time. The way Lily Allen rocks girly old school dresses but with trainers and door knockers.

- J @

Keira-Anne said...

Jenny Lewis has long been my girl crush. I would like to have a panty-clad pillow fight with her someday. Only in my dreams...

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Miss Lewis is definitely a worthy girl crush! :)

Christine said...

I can't believe you just discovered Rilo Kiley! I should have pointed you in that direction ages ago darling...but they are fab, no?