Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh make me over, I'm all I wanna be

The highlight of ANTM last night, in my opinion, was the guest appearance by “The Body." The girls did a photo shoot with George Holz, the city of New York was their back drop to rock Elle MacPherson's new lingerie collection in front of the camera. Elle is the most nurturing supermodel they’ve ever had on this show to date, plus she doesn’t talk about herself constantly like Tyra and Paulina do, so that’s a plus.

The makeovers, which are always my favourite part, were a bit of a let down. This cycle, there were no tears, except for Fatima and that’s because she was in pain from the weave, not because she hated the look. All the girls embraced their new looks. Boring! Where’s the fun in that? There are lots of long, blond weaves and almost everyone got a new color. My favourite girl Claire ended up with a Susan Powter style blond buzz cut; personally, I think she looked better when she came in. The awkward Lauren’s blond weave with red highlights is a major improvement. Whitney is another of my faves, but what the hell is with her extensions? Seriously, I have worked in a hair salon...I have had hair extensions (several times), and I know that not only can they look good, but they can look natural. Whitney's looked awful at the judging panel. Why, oh why can't they ever do natural looking hair pieces on these models? I was secretly hoping that they would do something hideous to Fatima's hair (not that her mane could get much worse!) I just find her so irritating! Unfortunately, her makeover did make her look better (even though the process was painful). But she's still a jerk who is making enemies left, right and centre. The whole "whose ass is bigger" debate with Allison did little to make me want either of them to stick around. The most entertaining part of the photo shoot was Allison’s incessant bragging about how she “nailed it” and “kicked ass.” Yeah, not so much. Marvita's horse hair was good for a laugh. Basically, it’s a mullet. Why Tyra thinks a mullet is a good look for anyone is beyond me. Why it would be good for an already masculine looking woman is really inexplicable.

As for the photos: Allison's shot was one of the worst ever, in my opinion. The outfit was not at all flattering, she looked completely dead in the face, and was that supposed to be some sort of pose? Fortunately, on this one, the judges agreed with me and she was sent home, even if it was mostly because she doesn't know how to say "thank you"...

Aimee was the model in my favourite shot this week.

All Photos: The CW

The previews showed the potential for some good drama next week, so let's stay tuned.

My early picks: Claire, Whitney, Aimee

Who I can't wait to see hit the road: Fatima, Marvita


CB said...

I was really liking Claire too, but I actually think that her makeover will hurt her chances. That blond hair really washes her out. Lame. The makeovers were NOT good this time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said. I could rock Marvita's mullet though. She is manly looking, but I think a feminine looking girl could handle it.

I thought that whole line of lingerie looked really cheap, like the brands they carry at Target. :/

- J @

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I don't disagree about the lingerie. I love Elle but her stuff wasn't impressive at all.

Raul said...

Hate Fatima and Marvita too.

Adelaide said...

You're totally right with the makeovers. There were 3 that all looked the same. Talk about weave-central. My fave was Claire. her makeover was fierce. The worst was Dominque's (the poor one who keeps getting reminded that she looks like a drag queen). Holy, it was brutal. It is comparable to the bad job from last season, where Saleisha got that Dorothy Hamil bowl cut (still shocked she won with that hair).