Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a tempest in a teapot

I've had such a great mindless weekend. New dress, new tights. We wandered with silly feet down cobbled streets, clinking with ice in our cups. We giggled senselessly, we huddled close, forgetting our state of mind. We skipped and tripped and fell behind...we had so much fun. I have the best friends and family that a girl could ask for; that I am sure of.

Still, tonight my mind spins. And it's too old for spinning. I'm too old for caring this much and being too stupid to make it ok.

-Jeff Tweedy said:

"These solitudes exist so far from each other in this sea of white noise and information. And the beautiful thing is they keep transmitting to each other in the hope that somebody is going to find them. And the beauty is that people still do, still find some meaning in another person, in a relationship, find some way to communicate, even though, more often than not it's in a way that's not what they intended. Because some communication is better than giving up or not communicating at all."

I'm not exactly sure why I like that so much. Maybe it's just Jeff Tweedy. I guess I get it, in my own way...and it helps me for now.

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Cara said...

That's a great quote. I heart Wilco.
p.s. hot new tights