Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't the best of them bleed it out

The first time that I saw Alanis Morissette perform live in concert was back in 1995. I can remember at that time being quite taken by the drummer behind her. An electrical fan sat beside the drumkit, blowing his blonde locks around like crazy as he played. This man, Taylor Hawkins, had an energy and a passion about him that I was drawn to. A crush was born immediately. I can remember watching the Jagged Little Pill Tour video over and over again. That funny, talented drummer was just so adorable.
I couldn't have imagined then that thirteen years later, I would be watching Taylor play with one of the most dynamic rock bands of my time.

Fast forward to last night's Foo Fighters concert at the Pacific Coliseum. I've been a fan of these boys from the beginning, despite not ever having seen them play live. Their hilariously artistic videos, quirky personalities and sweet sounds have been rocking my world for years. I certainly had some high hopes for the evening. Let me start by saying that if you were not a Foo fan going into the show, you sure as hell are now. It completely blew my expectations out of the water. To say that live is where their songs become more than mere "hits," would be an understatement. The show was, in a word: incredible.

Dave Grohl is absolutely brilliant. He went from drummer in what is considered one of the most influential bands in history, to guitarist and creative force behind a phenomenally successful power group. Grohl has done a masterful job for himself and his quaint four piece outfit. Their impassioned live performances make the Foo Fighters one of the most amazing acts on today's music scene. It is clear that Dave Grohl leads his band with passion, holding nothing back, pulling out all the stops, giving all there is to give, pick your show biz cliche. The disarming goofiness that Grohl exhibits in interviews and on stage banter sessions belies his passion as a musician. A ceaseless dervish of energy on stage, he led his mates through each song with ferocity and commitment last night. The standing ovation that seemed to go on forever part way through the show quite literally sent shivers down my spine.

It was a perfect show and a perfect night. Plus, Taylor is still total babe. In the words of the lovely Keira-Anne, "I want to hump that man 12 ways to Sunday."


Keira-Anne said...

Awww if ever I was to leave a legacy through my words for others to quote, that would be the quote I'd like to be known for.

Glad you had fun, babe!

Barbara Doduk said...

Sounds like it was a great show. I am sure my friend M who went will tell me all about it tomorrow.

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

PatZ said...

I haven't really been able to listen to them in the same way after finding out the bassist firmly denies any link between HIV and AIDS and actually had the band play a benefit show for HIV deniers.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Seriously? Oh wow...I didn't hear about that at all! Son of a b!

Tawcan said...

Sounds like a great show... so wanted to go to see them too. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree, son of a b for doing that! I mean, the scientific evidence is so there! I think it sucks.

But I love Foo Fighters. I had loved this song for the longest time but never knew who sang (Learn to Fly)