Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lightning could strike

I want you to get swept away out there.
I want you to levitate.
I want you to sing with rapture.
Be deliriously happy,
or at least leave yourself open to be.

Love is passion, obsession,
someone you can't live without.
I say, fall head over heels.
Find someone you can love like crazy,
who will love you the same way back.

How do you find him?
You forget your head and you listen to your heart.
There's no sense in living without this.
To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well,
you haven't lived a life at all.
But you have to try, because if you haven't tried,
you haven't lived.

Photo: favspottr on Flickr

In the movie Meet Joe Black, a lot of really wonderful things are said.
I always go back to it. I always think "levitate. rapture. passion."
All those things.

There may not be any deep love for me at the moment-
but things like this-
words like this and ideas like this-
they keep the belief there.
I see it in my family.
My mom and dad's love for one another.
Deliriously happy.

There's an image in my mind that I cannot shake these days.
It is half memory- half vision of a dream.
It is perfect.

This has been a hard month.
February has been mad at me.
But last night there was a twinkle of light-
hours of undiluted delight.
I realized that true friends can be made at any time,
during any season, even amidst months that are mad at you.

This friend had me over for dinner and wine...
but it was so much more than that.
It was a solidification of parallels.


Liz said...

yes! i love meet joe black! so many good quotes and nobody EVER talks about this movie.
you seem like you're in a good place right now, despite any've got a good head on your shoulders, girlie. loves.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Hey, I linked you back :)

PatZ said...

make sure you tell March to be nicer than February, I hear March is very reasonable that way,