Sunday, February 17, 2008

Going to bed with Gravol

The sun on my face has felt so good these last couple days. It has been quite a lovely weekend of getting glammed up, going out on the town, good food, good friends, family time, walks on the beach, genuine laughs, cowboys, Coronas, minor hangovers and reconnecting myself with what I felt I had been missing. People you can say anything to, because it's okay to be who you are.

I'm reading the most beautiful novel, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. I can't wait to see the film. I love French films.

I reread something I'd written late last year about being sleepless-and I realize it's no different now. Still the prettiest disposition. Still soft words and kind eyes. Still. Still. Still.

I am never sure whether all the people I love understand the way my mind is working these days. I am trying not to worry- but certain topics always make me sigh.

I am going to bed with gravol and music, to soothe me into dreams.


PatZ said...

where'd you find cowboys?

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I got roped into going to Rooster's on Saturday night. Cowboy central.

Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Cornonas... woot!

Haha but only to look at. I would NEVER date a cowboy.

Yeah, all of these girls always post these girly, delicate clothing blogs and I can't wear any of those things because there is rain and cold here... and not too much is delicate in Oregon. It is very much about being outdoors and clothes you can actually live in. Plus I live with a skateboarder, although I was way into the culture before I met him.

- J @

Suzie said...

thanx for the nice comment. I actually really enjoyed your "about me" in your profile. I love the bit about your souls path. I love that kind of thinking. Great blog...I'll be back :) cheers!

Keira-Anne said...

It's already playing in theatres, missy. Check Festival Cinemas' website... :)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I know! I'm afraid I'm going to miss the boat...I think it's almost out of the theatres! I just haven't had a chance to go! This week, I hope... :)

Raul said...

I have had Gravol before to go to bed at a decent hour (as you can see by the time I posted this comment, I'm still awake at 3.17 am!)

Hope you're doing well!