Sunday, January 6, 2008

Prayers for Bif Naked

Photo courtesy of Marcus Ewers on MySpace

I heard the news today that one of my favourite rockers, Bif Naked has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I am in the fight of my life and I'm lucky to have the support of my husband, Ian, and many friends and family members,'' she said.

Naked said she found a lump two weeks ago during a breast self-exam.

"I went into my doctor for a checkup and he immediately sent me for tests, including a mammogram, which indicated a high possibility of cancer. From there things have gone at what seems like light speed: biopsy, blood tests, cancer clinic. It's been two weeks from being completely healthy to cancer patient with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy scheduled.''

Some might say that her lifestyle isn't reflective of your typical rock star. She is a live food vegan -- basically eating only whole foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables -- who keeps a stringent work-out ethic that includes yoga.

In her interview, she made a point of warning other women that cancer is "non discriminatory.''

"Even those in great health can be subject to cancer as a diagnosis,'' she said.

"I urge all women at every age to self examine and go for scheduled mammograms. Early detection is the best tool in the fight against cancer.''


Bif Naked is one strong lady. She is most definitely a fighter. She even has the word “survivor” tattooed on her arm. Bif's confident lyrics and strong attitude have been inspiring me for as long as I can remember. Thoughts and prayers go out to Bif Naked, her family and friends. We love you, Bif!

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Anonymous said...

Aww that sucks. I used to be obsessed with the song "Twitch". I actually just thought about her for the first time a couple days ago. :(