Monday, January 28, 2008

Sundance Wrap Up

Photo: Who What Wear

Along with the weekend, the Sundance Film Festival has just drawn to a close in Park City, Utah. Almost as exciting as hearing what films are getting buzz, is watching who attends, what dramas unfold, and getting to see who is wearing what. I love the casualness of it all. I enjoy the offbeat looks that are often seen at this event as much as the quirky films that are released for the festival. Red carpet gowns are thrown aside in favour of scarves, cute jackets, boots and good denim. Beanies, hats and toques are worn a plenty, as are layered sweaters and shirts. The bottom line is, it is cold, so whatever it takes to keep warm while looking good is what works. Perhaps it's the departure of the Hollywood crowd's typical west coast style in Los Angeles for warmer and cozier looks that appeals to me. Plus, the warmer looks are the ones that I can relate to this time of year. No flip flops for me in January in Vancouver. It's all about the boots.

As far as particular films getting hype at this year's festival, Smart People sounds like a definite must-see. Starring three of my faves: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page, this flick looks like a serious winner. Click over to see a preview at Buzz Sugar.

Another of my favourite things about Sundance is getting to see all of the adorable photos that come out of the traditional photobooth. Check out this post from Pop Sugar to view some of the fun shots that were taken this year.

This is just the beginning of a big season for film and awards. Academy Award nominations were released last week, find a complete list here. I have seen many of the films that are up, as always, it's my goal to see all of the major films that are nominated this year. Oh, how I love award season and red carpet events!


Christine said...

You must be so stoked for the oscars! I know I am!!

C. said...

i kinda think i've been working the sundance style myself lately. haha. with this snow!!! it's all boots and hats!!! hahaha the casual look is a nice change though. you are right.