Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mellow yellow

A mellow weekend is exactly what I needed. Only having two days at home before the next stretch of my road trip has been a good opportunity to catch up on my sleep and slow down the pace a bit. I spent as much time snuggled up in my bed as possible.

To start off the weekend, Cindy and I hit up The Alibi Room for a few cold ones and chilled out to the beats of my buddy Mark, who is the dj there on Friday nights.

A stop at Joe's Grill with my parents this morning and then home to pack, pack, pack.

And in a few hours, on to the next adventure...

All the kinks to iron out, all the people to meet, all the sleepless nights.

Oh, the fun I will have!


J said...

You sure love hats. :) It looks great though.

Your busy life makes me jealous, but it's also an inspiration to me. At the same time, I would struggle having to be away all the time. I guess it's perfect I can read your blog and life it from afar.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

You know, it's funny. I've NEVER been a hat person, but in the last few months I've really gotten into hats. Not sure what changed or why. In fact, I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out! haha

My life is busy...but it sounds like you have lots of amazing things going on in your life too. It's fun that we can read about what the other is up to and inspire one another.