Thursday, December 6, 2007

You could have been standing on the Great Wall of China

It's Thursday so you know what that means...that's right, America's Next Top Model was on last night. The models moved from Shanghai to Beijing as the competition heated up. Last night, the four remaining models participated in a challenge to turn traditional Chinese garments into their own, personalizing them and putting a modern spin on the look. Jenah was the challenge winner. Later, she had a bit of a breakdown, expressing how much she missed her home and family.

Photos courtesy of The CW

Next, the girls were off to The Great Wall for their photo shoot. They found out that they would be doing warrior photos to represent what the wall was originally built for. Who was the photographer for this shoot? None other than Miss Tyra herself. For the most part, the girls were happy to work with her, but their excitement was also a bit clouded by the intimidation factor of her being who she is. Hair and makeup looked fabulous. In my opinion, Chantal looked a little bit awkward in her photos but Tyra and Jay told her that she did well, so I suppose I'll take their word for it. Jay whispered a tip into Bianca's ear before it was her turn to go up: no stiff poses. Saleisha brought heaps of creativity to her pictures, jumping around and using her imagination. As a result, her shoot went exceptionally well. Next, Tyra surprised the girls by telling them that they all had to pose together. The judges wanted to know for sure who was going to stand out and who wasn't.
Calling all judges! Jenah's photo was favoured but Tyra admitted that she didn't remember the shoot. Jenah kept saying that she feels like she is losing herself in this competition. Bianca's photo was lacking didn't really show enough of her eyes and came off a little stiff. I guess she didn't take Jay's advice? Chantal was praised for her photo, where she is launching into the air. Saleisha also received good feedback from the judges. For the group photo, the judges can't agree and each of them had a different favourite in the shot.
Then it was decision time...Chantal was called first. Tyra thought that Chantal stood out the most in the group photo. Saleisha was called next, leaving Bianca and Jenah in the bottom two. Thankfully (in my humble opinion) Bianca was sent home.
Only three girls remain...we're getting down to the wire here, kids...thoughts?


Donna said...

I don't even know who should win at all. I could take or leave any one of them. Jenah's the best I guess. Like your posts about the show more than the actual show right now, hahahahaha.

Melissa and Chris said...

I love Chantal, but I thought Jenah stood out the most in the group photo. Bianca is a beauty, but her attitude stinks and she's quite immature - props to the judges for sending her home. I really can't choose a winner, but I have a feeling it's between Chantal and Saleisha....both of their attitudes and photos have been consistent...

Krista said...

I don't even HAVE to watch the show now, haah. I do love to see their photos though some of the ideas are really really cool.

Apria said...

This is great info to know.