Monday, December 3, 2007

When I look at the stars, I feel like myself

Photo courtesy of tuli nishimuraa on Flickr

On My Radar This Week

  • Kiss My Face Naughty or Nice Holiday lip balm pack. The vanilla 'n ice flavour is absolutely divine. I picked up the duo at Capers on Saturday.
  • My friend Shawna has gotten me hooked on a new snack. Belgian endives dipped in hummus. For a fantastic hummus recipe, check out Tashina's site. Find endives in your local produce store.
  • Red Chilli Szechuan Cuisine in North Vancouver is a restaurant that you simply must hit up. I have had a serious craving for spice lately. Red Chilli makes a ginger beef dish and spicy won tuns to die for. A must try. Reservations for lunch are recommended.
  • Frye boots. Yep, the same ones that appeared in my dream last week. I scoped them out at Urban Outfitters the other day and I am still drooling over them.
  • Somee My friends and I have been utterly addicted to this website of awesome e-cards. They are naughty, sarcastic and hilarious...we have spent hours checking out the online archives and sending them to everybody we know.

Last week, I mentioned the fact that I was crazy with anticipation and absolutely dying for Monday to arrive. I was also quite elusive about what exactly the significance of Monday may be. Well folks, Monday is here and along with it, the news that I had been hoping for. I found out this morning that I have scored my "dream job" so to speak. I have climbed the ladder of the company for which I work, and it has resulted in my career taking a sharp turn in the right direction. I am absolutely over the moon. This is a massive step for me...I can't wait to jump in and start learning the ropes. I am wrought with excitement (and nervous as all hell...because let's face it, I just wouldn't be me if I wasn't, right?)


KreativeMix said...

fabulous!!! congrats on getting your dream job!!!

J @ said...

Tell us more about your job!

I love those paper stars. My boyfriend's sister always makes them.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

In a nut shell, I am the newest DC Shoes apparel and accessories sales rep for Western Canada. Excited really doesn't really even begin to describe how I'm feeling today! :)

Ross said...

Congrats on the promotion. There's nothing quite like being told you're good at what you do by the people you work for :)

Tawcan said...

Congrats on your promotion. :D

Melissa and Chris said...

Yay! Way to go for your dream job,'ll be fantastic!

Melissa and Chris said...

P.S. - Chris just mentioned to me last night that we should look into making our own hummus (after we'd scarfed down a container in about 2 days)...thanks for hooking us up!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Thanks for all the congrats everyone! :)

Smelly Danielly said...

Holy Moly! WOW!!! Thats a great job!!! Congrats!

PatZ said...

way to go!

Scott said...

Wow, congrats!
I'm sure you will be fabulous!

Tashina said...

I'll have to try the endives! I always try and eat tons of veggies with my hummus. My favorite mix is carrots, cucumber, kalamata olives, baby red cabbage, baby corn, and soy mozarella or soy feta cheese (which is impossible to find down here!!).

How do you make those stars? They are so cute!

Congrats on getting the job!!