Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inaugural Lamb Luncheon

It was months ago that Cindy and Salimah first conceived the idea of throwing a Lamb Luncheon. Last night, the concept was finally brought to reality when they hosted one at Azim's house in Kitsilano. No, the meal was not served during the lunch hour, and rather as a late dinner, but we decided to retain the "Lamb Luncheon" name because, well, it just has a better ring to it.
It was Eddie's last night in town before departing to Toronto and then back to Paris. Azim broke out a board game called The Settlers of Catan as the lamb was cooking. We all rolled our eyes as he went over the complicated rules, but once the wine started flowing and we began to figure it all out, we had to agree that the game was a riot. Roads and cities and settlements were popping up everywhere.

We chatted about life and world events. Salimah will be heading to Pakistan shortly to report on the Bhutto assassination. With this particular group, there is never any shortage of intense conversation, debates and witty banter.

The meal was absolutely exquisite; the lamb was cooked to perfection, juicy tomatoes in balsamic and couscous- capped off nicely with warm blackberry pie for dessert. I'd say that the first ever Lamb Luncheon was a huge success.


Anonymous said...

I am again supremely jealous of your life. What a great idea! I have had or been two maybe 2 organized dinners tops that weren't put together by our parents but rather my peers and I.

Candice said...

I LOVE that game!! I'm so addicted!! I even play it online!