Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vote Raymi

Photo courtesy of raymilauren on Flickr

When I wrote about some of my favourite bloggers last week, Raymi the Minx was right up there. She's one of the finalists for Best Canadian Blog and most definitely deserves to win. She's honest and real; no matter what she's writing about, you know that she means it. She gets naked on her blog in more ways than one. Amazing photography, drawings and other art plus her unique writing style...there are so many reasons to vote for Raymi. Her blog is one that I will click multiple times a day, just to see if she's added anything new. The first couple pieces of writing that I read by Raymi were her articles for Rocketpack, How To Be A Small Town Slut and How To Be A Drunk Asshole. I was hooked immediately to her sarcastic and intelligent humour.

Click here to vote for Raymi the Minx as the Best Canadian Blog. Do it.

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Queen B said...

I started reading raymi's blog because I read about it on your page. Thanks for the recommendation & I will vote for sure!