Friday, November 9, 2007

This is my current single status, my declaration of independence

Photo courtesy of HBO

In response to my post earlier in the week about single women, I received an e-mail in my inbox this morning from Ruta in New York. She runs a company called Divine Diamonds and has created the first and only diamond ring for single women. I was intrigued, so I clicked over to her website to check it out.

The Ah Ring (A for 'available' and H for 'happy') is an amazing diamond pinkie ring created with the single, confident and content woman in mind. Engaged and married women get rings, why not single women too? I think that this is a fantastic idea, why shouldn't we celebrate our happy status?

Ruta has definitely earned the right to call herself a trendsetter as far as marketing to the single woman. However, as the website says, The Ah Ring can also be worn by engaged or married women (A for 'attached' and H for 'happy').

The brilliant idea for this ring reminded me of the Sex and the City episode when Carrie’s shoes go missing at a party where the married mommy hostess couldn't care less. Carrie then registers at Manolo Blahnik for the $485 shoes, and sends a single card to the hostess announcing that she’s getting married to herself, and is registered at the shoe shop for the pair of shoes. The single girl has been to so many engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings and baby birthdays. Maybe single people should be able to throw a "happy I didn't marry that loser" party, like Carrie suggests. I mean, if you support your friend's decision to get married and have kids, your friends should support you in being single and buying a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes...or a really beautiful diamond Ah Ring, right?


Divine Diamonds ships to Canada as well, so whether you're available and happy or attached and happy, click on over there to check out The Ah Ring, plus all kinds of other amazing jewellery.


PatZ said...

didnt Aidan yell at her about those shoes? drat...cant remember...or im thinking about the episode where they move in together...actually that would sort of go against the whole Carrie being single thing wouldnt it...

my mom bought me a ring at christmas last year when we were in Vegas as a present for finishing my undergrad and last week one of the girls in my class looked at it and was like "hey pat, when did you get married?"

Kristen said...

That is a super cool idea! I love it! I looked at the site and very beautiful stuff.

Nikki said...

Massive fan of the idea of a "loving the fact I'm single" party... my friends may not like it, but God, it sounds appealing. I could do with some new shoes.