Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quickly, quietly lost

She tilts her head up and closes her eyes
Holds out her hands and starts her lonely cries
Though no one can see her, she sees all their lies
Slightly faded skin, as if in a dream
Her strong outer presence, not all it may seem
Still, every day hiding all of her that is tainted

With all of her flaws, she's so very aquainted


Anonymous said...

smokin' hot photo, missy.

Tawcan said...

Nice pic.

PatZ said...

i read that while i had Just Like You Imagined by NIN on repeat, totally gives it a difference tone.

and now you're tagged. cause that's how the blog world rolls.

Tashina said...

That is such a beautiful picture!!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Just Like You Imagined, interesting. Thanks for the tag there Patz! :)

Roshan said...

You r absolutely radiant in this pic!