Thursday, November 22, 2007

Look up, the stars are fading

Last night, I went to my friend Shawna's for a yummy tofu dinner and copious amounts of black licorice tea, plus my favourite guilty pleasure, this week's edition of America's Next Top Model. I have to say that I'm officially at a loss after last night's episode. My girl Jenah did not impress me this week and I haven't got a clue who my top choice is now. I hear that Saleisha's still number one in a lot of viewers hearts, but not mine. To be honest, I don't really like any of them very much at this point.

In China, the girls got a lesson on body movement by a martial arts expert and were challenged to perfect the poses while in mid-air on high wires. Bianca's fear of heights prevented her from even participating. Later, the models had to showcase their personality in a Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot. I don't know if the colour on Shawna's TV was off or what, but none of them looked good to me on set for the commercial. Everybody's hair was a weird colour and I thought the caked on makeup did very little for any of them. Most of the girls couldn't remember their lines and generally lacked any kind of professionalism on set. Lisa and Heather were definitely the worst. Lisa's eyes welled up with disappointment in herself throughout and she looked to be on the verge of tears during every single take. Heather, even while being fed the lines by Jay behind the camera, couldn't muster up one usable take and continued to flub the lines and make silly faces each and every time she messed up. This was the first week that I really liked Chantal. She came across as being the most professional during the shoot and represented the Cover Girl brand the best, in my opinion.

Despite turning out a stunning photo in the post commercial shoot, Lisa was sent home. I wasn't surprised because she hasn't exactly been the strongest candidate. If you ask me, it could have just as easily been Heather who was sent home though. The question begged to be asked is: is there a place for models who are not able to speak on camera? What's everybody thinking about this week's show? Favourites still the same? Do tell! Next week should be interesting!

Photos courtesy of The CW


J said...

My fave would be Heather if she could speak. Probably in all reality she should be sent home, but Lisa I could not ever stand. Look at that photo on your blog and how skinny an gross her arm looks. Plus she is always crying. And they gave her terrible hair. And she's boring.

But Heather can't win if she can't speak. IDK. I don't agree with a lot of the winners. Nicole bored me to death and looked like one of the typical student council kids at my high school.

If I was watching an interview with a model who flubbed and fucked up the way most of the girls did on the show, I would be on the ground in tears of laughter. You seem very well-worded and I was kinda of a 'smart' kid in school and good at presentations and such, so to me not being able to memorize and read a commercial is just baffling.

Great post! I want to have girls' nights for Top Model - I'm jealous!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I agree with you about Lisa, J. She needed to go. And you're right, I was like you in school with good grades and presentations...having that come fairly naturally does make it hard to understand the inability to memorize lines and get through a commercial.

Thanks so much for sharing your comments!:)