Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whatever drowns the counting machines out

I have heard the phrase, "don't sweat the small stuff" too many times to count over the last few days. I know that I shouldn't, I really do, but as usual, I just can't seem to let myself relax. Anxiety plagues me, even though more than anything I wish I could just shake it off. Why do I allow myself to get all riled up? Why do I take absolutely everything on? Why do I worry myself sick? You've really got to wonder. God knows I do. Here I am, awake much later than I should be, or want to be for that matter; four cups of herbal tea later and I still don't feel calm or sleepy. Good one, Sleepy Time. Perhaps I would have been better off had I cracked a bottle of red. Thoughts are racing like formula one cars. Emotions are running wild in this house, maybe it's contagious. If only I could turn my mind off for just a few hours so that I could get some sleep.


Beth said...

Lavender oil darlin' it works like a charm.

PatZ said...

i think as long as you really believe that you can get through shit like that you'll always end up ok in the end. i have the same problem sometimes, and as much as it seems like it can be endless at points, there's always a better day on the other side.

Scott said...

Looks I was in the same mode you were in on the same day. Sleep always does wonders though. If you can manage a good night and dump the load out of your head, everything seems much more trivial in the morning. It's when it piles up that it gets hard to handle.