Sunday, October 28, 2007

We've got to rise up and fly like eagles

It's time to talk Top Model again! For me, the best part of the show this week was that Tyson Beckford was a guest. Oh, what a crush I had on Tyson when I was in high school. I pretty much thought that he was the hottest man who had ever lived. Stepping onto ANTM, I must say that he still looks pretty damn good. Tyson's mission was to teach the girls how to sell a product. And what better way to prepare the girls for creating a public service announcement about AIDS than to teach them how to make a watering can suggestive? I know, right? Seriously! For their first challenge, the models were teamed up to write and execute a 30-second public service announcement for the AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive. History shows that most Top Model contestants don't fare well when it comes to speaking on camera, but these girls actually weren't half bad. They may have slipped up here and there, Bianca forgetting the name of the foundation and Chantal tripping over her words, but for the most part, they seemed to take to the video format.
Heather walked away with the biggest prize of the night: a photo shoot for the company art-directed by Mary J. Blige. This not only gave Heather the opportunity to schmooze with heavyweight photographer Matthew Rolston but also allowed her to concentrate on full-frontal face shots. Last week the judges came down on Heather and told her that she only produces profile pictures.

Photos courtesy of CWTV

The theme of the photo shoot was recycling. I do think it's great that Tyra is calling attention to some important issues and causes this season; even if they are doused in a little cheese.

Jenah's photo impressed me the most again this week. In my eyes, she was on top. Heather managed to pull off a full frontal face shot as well, which allowed the judges to see that she is making an effort to take their criticisms constructively.

As Tyra revealed Ebony's photo and explained that the judges were sending Ambreal home, Ebony stunned the judges by saying that she no longer wished to stay in the competition. Tyra said that she respected her decision to leave, thus allowing Ambreal a free pass to prove to the judges that she deserves to stay in the competition.

Here's a little Nigel eye candy to end the post... especially for you Gus Greeper and Miss 604. Wink, wink!

Photo courtesy of imdb

Well, folks...what do you think about how this cycle is shaping up? Favourites? Thoughts? Do share!


Christine said...

I'm liking the best Jenah too. Nice shot of Nigel Barker there...definately good eye candy! heehee!

Miss 604 said...

... + the accent + the love of curry... *melt*....

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I'm a big Nigel fan, he's sooo yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I'm glad ebony is gone, I couldn't stand her snarl and the way she acted in front of the judges.

Anonymous said...

when tyson walked in the door i lost it i was trying to cover it with OMG can you imagine being that age and one of those girls and tyson shows up at your door...but i don't think it worked i was GUSHING and completly red!!! he has and forever will be my favourite male model, i have *loved* him since high school, maybe even longer.
i am still loving jenah but i have picked my ultimate winner, i have only told adam i am not sure if i am ready to say it publicly yet. or it is at least down to two. ;)
thanks for the nigel eye candy that was tres nice to scroll down to at that early of an hour in the am after an action packed weekend that has caused tiredness. :)

Miss 604 said...

honestly jenah doesnt impress me although she had the wickedest photo this week (love the red shoes). im not sure who's my fave so far, usually i pick someone right out of the gate but ... i dunno... john (yes i make him watch it with me) is pulling for heather, maybe it's the geek factor...