Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vintage eyes search for the stars

Photos courtesy of random dude on flickr

One of my favourite stops for shopping in Vancouver is a little underground gem on Robson Street called True Value Vintage. They carry a very wide range of vintage clothing dating from the 1920's to contemporary styles. They tend to specialize in items from the 50's and 70's and carry vintage denim, bomber-style leather jackets, Adidas track jackets, vintage bags, belts, hats, and vintage sunglasses. True Value Vintage also features designs from local up and comers. My favourite dress that I have ever owned is by a little company called, La Dolce Vita, which I got there last spring. I could seriously spend hours in this store. I really should go alone because I am positive that everybody I'm with is ready to move on long before I've even scratched the surface of what I want to check out.

I dragged Jessica in there with me last Saturday and I ended up buying an adorable little black shift dress with grey stars on it by Piko 1988. Stepping inside the doors is like playing in a fantasy world for me; imagining what I could put together and how. I love looking for pieces that I could alter or pair with something else, and find the whole experience to be an exciting challenge. Shoes, bags, dresses, tops...you can get some beautiful pieces; not to mention find some one of a kind, crazy items that are wild and fun. I feel like I escape into a creative abyss when I'm looking through the racks. I am inspired, it's like a game...trying to find a little treasure amongst all the things that somebody else didn't want anymore. Many of the pieces of clothing in there once belonged to somebody else. Every item has a story. I love that idea of turnover, it's a cycle. I could browse and imagine for hours and not even end up buying anything.

What really struck me on Saturday, is how lame it is that everything is so widely replicated these days. It really hit me when I was looking at all the authentic stuff. Authentic Rolling Stones concert tees from the seventies still look way cooler than the newly manufactured ripoffs you can pick up at Aritzia or Urban Outfitters. It sort of takes away on some level from the real stuff. Sienna Miller was talking about it in Vogue a few months ago. She said she had a wicked belt that her mother had bought in Morocco in the seventies. But now, you see belts just like it everywhere from Susie Shier to Walmart. I'm pretty sure that watching what people are wearing, how they put it together and what's coming up next will always be one of my greatest pleasures in the world. I always have got to have something that I'm on the hunt for, before you can find it everywhere. I love to inspire and be inspired.
If you haven't checked out True Value Vintage yet, I suggest that you do. You won't be disappointed.


PatZ said...

there's a place on Commercial Drive like that too, Rock...something... either way, it's pretty close to the skytrain station.

Heather said...

Vintage is a lot of fun. I wish i could go there hehe! I have a little store here I love, its super cheap like 1-2$ per item and NO ONE knows about it. All the money goes to a church and like charity too so it's really rad. Awesome pictures. I love the one going down the stairs!

Anonymous said...

i got the best expo 86 shirt there as i lived here then and every time i wear it people ask me if it is an 'original' and YUP! it is! adam pretty much only shops in places like that so we are in them a lot you'd think i would dress better but i don't.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

You don't give yourself enough credit, girl! I always think you look cute! ..But I'm happy to offer fashion advice any time!...hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great i love your store i hop i can come up on some vintage sunglasses next time im there!