Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If you are looking for a little inspiration...

I want to share one of my newest favourite websites with you. I have had this page linked in my blogroll for a while now. I continue to be impressed with it on a daily basis, so I feel the need to give an extra special shout out to Style Bytes. The beautiful girl behind the blog is Norwegian student Agathe. She will rock your socks with her creative photos, runway reviews and special DIY projects. This girl has the most incredible personal style. She's got a sharp eye for vintage and second hand items, which she mixes to perfection with new pieces from places like H&M and Zara. The best part? She posts photos of herself wearing her creations and then tells us all where to find each piece of the outfit. The photographs themselves are works of art. Besides letting us all in on her own look, Agathe sheds light on current trends and dishes her opinion about the latest collections and what's happening on the runway. She shares where she draws her own fashion inspiration from and is constantly posting images of her amazing finds. Another unique element of Agathe's blog is what she calls her DIY projects. For example, recently she went and bought a whole bunch of feathers. She wrote, "I am not entirely sure exactly what I am going to make yet, but at least some sort of collar/necklace. The joy about these DIY projects isn´t really what the result ends up like, but the pleasure of creating something of my own." These kinds of random projects are so much fun, and give me lots of great ideas to play with. It's no secret that I love fashion. Outfits are one of my great passions in life. I have always said that they are my little pieces of art. I've been studying fashion and style for as long as I can remember and let me say, Agathe has got it figured out. What I love about her is that, just as I do, she likes to mix it up. There is no one "look" that defines her style and she simply always looks fantastic. She is part of a new wave of women who are experts at putting an outfit together that doesn't necessarily look like it belongs on a mannequin; but rather, just casually has a certain je ne sais quoi. The late Diana Vreeland, past editor of Vogue said, "Never fear being vulgar, just boring." My own style is a direct reflection of the way I feel. It changes depending on my mood and what my influences are at the time. I love quirky accessories. I love to shop vintage. I get so excited when I find something a little bit provocative, a little bit different. I've just always loved clothes, shoes, accessories and the dance of being a woman. Getting to see what Agathe finds and puts together, someone who shares the same passion for it that I do, is really inspiring. I want to thank Agathe for all of the hard work that she puts into Style Bytes and for sharing her unique vision and style with the world. If you haven't visited her page, please click on over there and check it out right now. Prepare to be inspired!

Photo courtesy of Style Bytes

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Scott said...

Wow, that is a great blog. I'm going to have to fish through it more when I make some time. Thanks for sharing it!