Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Notes from the drumkit...

Today was one of those days at the office that I just needed to get stuff done. On these kinds of days, I put in my earphones, turn up the volume really loud and motor through my pile of tasks praying that nobody will come up and give me the 'shoulder tap' whereby I must take my earphones out and talk to them. Usually I blast music from my ipod or tune into Edmonton's Sonic radio via the web. Sometimes I listen to back episodes of The History of Rock report. Today I discovered what will become a new obsession: Taggart's Take.
Jeremy Taggart is the drummer for Our Lady Peace, and Taggart’s Take is the podcast that he hosts, where he does impressions, skits, interviews and talks about everything from Canadian music to politics, and beyond...and when I say beyond, I really mean it. The podcasts air locally on The Fox and on several other radio stations across the country.
I've listened to the music of Our Lady Peace for years and I must admit that I certainly had a crush on Mr. Taggart when I was a teenager. But in all honesty, I tuned into Taggart's Take today because he was chatting with my buddy Matt Good. Knowing how entertaining Matt is to listen to, there was no doubt in my mind that this would be a fun interview-but man, were my expectations exceeded! What I discovered is that Jeremy Taggart is hysterically funny and a truly brilliant comedian. There I was at my desk, laughing out loud like a lunatic all day long. I dug into the archives because I couldn't get enough of Jeremy's podcasts. I howled through every single one. His humour is not unlike that of myself and my friends, which is why I think I appreciate it so much. One of my favorites is Tracking Down Cuba Gooding Jr. but the Weak Impression of Donald Sutherland and It Ain't Easy Being Lil are funny as hell too.
Check out part three of the interview with Matt Good, which is up next. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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PatZ said...

Sonic is rad. i was so happy when they started cause then there was actually a station that played RATM and NIN in Edmonton. bonus though was that it pretty much meant the Bear upped their amount of Big Sugar and who can say no to that?