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Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Season In The City

The first episode of the second season of The City is set to air September 29th on MTV and I'd be a lying if I didn't admit that I can't wait. So many rumours, and by the sound of it, so many changes. As usual, what excites me the most, of course, is the fashion.

via People TV Watch:

First of all, her former boss Kelly Cutrone has made Whitney an offer she can’t refuse, to come back to People’s Revolution in New York, working “five, six hours a day” while at the same time working on her own fashion line.

Meanwhile, her former nemesis coworker at Diane Von Furstenberg, Olivia Palermo, is turning her promotion into a new job at Elle, where she’s already clashing with Erin Kaplan, a PR director for the fashion mag.

Since her days on The Hills, Whitney has always been focused on a career in fashion, but there will be two big distractions for her as season 1 continues. First, a pal from Los Angeles, Roxy Olin, has arrived at the doorstep of Whitney’s new West Village apartment, looking for a place to stay and a new job.

Second, of course, is a new guy. With Jay Lyon in her past, Whitney is single and hanging out with a cute new guy named Freddy.

Check out the trailer:

My girl crush on Whitney Port will undoubtedly carry on into the fall. Here are some recent photos of Whit out and about in New York. As always, I'm loving her quirky LA meets NY style.

**Photos are not property of Work In Progress. They have been taken from various websites. If your photo has not been credited and you would like it to be, please e-mail me.**

Monday, March 16, 2009

People Move And People Grow…

...And sometimes people come back to each other better than when they left.
I've been there and I've done that
and I'm better and stronger and smarter and also more loving for it.
I worked so hard to try and hang on.
I said I love you 'til it sickened me.
If I had hung on any longer, I would have collapsed.
I would have shut doors that were wide open
and I would have stayed the same while the world grew past me…
I loved him.
He loved me.
I swore I could have loved him forever.
I told him that.
For always, I said. For always, I repeated.
It's still a memory-
and I remember every second
and it's not lost love-
it was perfect for what it was.

Monday, December 29, 2008

This Part Of My Life Is Called...

..."In Between." I'm on my way somewhere, I'm sure of it.

Photo: Source

The alarm went off far too early for my liking this morning. My new memory foam pillow from Nood isn't helping the "early to rise" routine at all- but it has been enabling me to sleep better than I have in years. I can't stop raving about this thing, it's incredible! (good call, Shawna) Plus, I'd been spoiled and sleeping in as late as I wanted for the last five days while on Christmas vacation. Today, it was back to reality. And boy, was it harsh. I'm not sure exactly what it was about today, but it completely defeated me. I felt near tears right up until I left the office. I'm very grateful for my friend across the country who may be a little nuts, but is a constant source of support, can always make me laugh, listens to me vent and only sorta makes fun of me when I get all emo.

Photo: MTV Music on Flickr

After work, I felt like I needed some retail therapy to help cheer me up. It was almost like my car drove itself to Holt Renfrew. It must have known that it's Boxing Week and the 50% off sale was still going on. I hadn't really planned on checking the sale out (since what you don't know can't hurt you), but somehow I ended up there anyway. It must have been fate. I may have purchased a DvF dress that I don't really need, but I love, love, love it (and how does one really gauge necessity, anyway?) It's simple and basic, but really quite elegant. It was also rather fitting, seeing as though I got home tonight just in time for the series premiere of what is clearly going to be a new obsession in my world, "The City." In this spinoff to MTV's "The Hills," leading lady Whitney Port has just started working in PR at Diane von Furstenberg. How could I not love this show? Whitney basically has my dream life- well, my dream job in my dream city, anyway- oh, and my dream wardrobe. I could do without the Australian though- he's not my type. I noticed mixed reviews of "The City" via my Twitter feed tonight, but personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it (even if I did keep looking for Lauren and then realizing that she's still in LA. Duh.) This new Olivia character is a snob and a half... a stunning, snobby nightmare- which will, without a doubt, create some entertaining drama.

It looks like I have another weekly MTV addiction on my hands. With the show's focus on friends, fashion, love and nightlife—and with her caramel locks and joie de vivre—Whitney just might end up being NYC's newest "it" girl. If she ever needs somebody to fill in, I'm available.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Pretty Things

Photo: Zimbio

My girl Whitney Port's new clothing line is finally available! The first few pieces of her collection have been released and are currently on sale at Kitson. The former Teen Vogue intern and her friend Adrienne Baravetto have co-designed some absolutely adorable party dresses. Kitson lists the line as "Whitney Eve," although I believe it may technically be called "Eve & A," since that's what's been reported and appears on the line's website.

To me, Whitney's line seems a little more high-fashion and interesting than LC's line of casual dresses. The collection is very romantic, featuring lots of ruffles and sequins. The downfall of the collection, in my opinion, is the price tag. I think the prices may be a bit too steep at about $495 a piece, despite the details. I'm just not sure who's going to pay that kind of cake for one of these babies, even though they're lovely.

Photos courtesy of Kitson

Whitney's one busy lady these days, as she will also star in a new Hills spin off series called "The City," which has just begun taping in New York. Plus, rumour has it that she's got a new gig at Diane Von Furstenburg in the works. The truth is, the primary reason that I watch The Hills is to see what Whitney's wearing and what she's doing at work (...well, and because despite what a dog he is, I still think Brody Jenner is a total babe.)

I heart Whitney and her cute, little dresses.

Photo: Zimbio , filming "The City" in NYC